As we head into the summer of 2022, Norwich will once again be the host of the amazing GoGoDiscover Trail in which for the next 11 weeks there will be 55 large t-rex’s, 24 steppe mammoths and 98 small Breakasaurus’ scattered around the city and surrounding areas of Norfolk. We are thrilled to be part of this wonderful event and had the privilege to have the dinosaur painted by the extremely talented Jina Gelder. Poptart can be found on Tombland (Norwich) in front of the cathedral. Make sure you take some snaps and tag us in the photos!

Search “PoptartUK” on Instagram and Twitter.

Visit for details on all the sponsors for the event and more.

Who are Break Charity?

Break is changing young lives across East Anglia by supporting children, young people and families in four key areas: young people in care and moving on; children and young people with disabilities; families in need of support and children at risk.

The charity was started back in 1968 by Geoffrey and Judith Davison and their friend Leslie Morley to provide holidays for children and young people with disabilities which would give their parents a break too. They chose Norfolk as a great place to have a holiday.

Working in partnership with Norfolk County Council and Cambridgeshire County Council, Break runs seven family-sized children’s homes providing safety and stability for children and young people who, for whatever reason, can no longer live with their own families.

On behalf of Norfolk County Council, Break provides residential assessments for families whose children are at risk, giving families the opportunity to prove that they can keep their children safe from harm. We also provide community-based assessments on a spot purchase basis.

For children and young people with disabilities, in partnership with Norfolk and Suffolk

County Councils, Break provides short breaks, giving the family a chance to recharge their batteries and the young people the opportunity to join in with fun activities. These services are based in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Families’ House, which joined Break in 2012, has an established reputation for supporting families with a wide range of difficulties in Norwich and Norfolk, including support for families who are “parenting apart”.  Families’ House also provides a Young Carers Project.

Jake Humphrey, sports presenter, has been Break’s patron for several years. He is an invaluable asset to the charity, spending as much time as he can meeting our young people and families. He is passionate about Break and we are grateful for everything he does for us.

Visit: for more info.

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Introducing “Poptart” for the GoGoDiscover Trail 2022

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