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We offer IT Support to our customers in the form of Cloud Services (including backup and disaster recovery), Digital Communications Technology and Telephony through a three stage process:

• Review – view and access the current IT infrastructure, including all hardware and software and diagnose potential security threats or weaknesses.
• Implement – once a full assessment has been completed the team of trained engineers work to plan and implement measures to safeguard the data.
• Support – the team regularly reviews and accesses business infrastructure to improve business continuity and enhance systems.

We offer Communications Technology Services through the supply of fibre leased lines and the latest integrated communications systems technologies.

Remote IT support via our website where our customers can connect remotely to an IT engineer to access their systems to diagnose and repair any issues.

Onsite, Remote Diagnostic and Support

Managed IT Services

View and access your current IT infrastructure, including all hardware and software and diagnosing and potential security threats or weaknesses. Support on all hardware and technologies within the business.

Hosted VoIP Telephony

Hosted VoIP provides all the capability of an advanced on-premise business phone system, without the complex and pricey infrastructure.

Leased Lines

Supply of fibre lease lines and the latest integrated communication systems technologies within the industry today.

Azure & Office 365

Secure data backup and disaster recovery software to ensure business is always available anytime you need it and safely backed up in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

"We have used Mayday for our IT support for many years now and they have always provided a 5 star service to us. The team at Mayday always go the extra mile and are on hand to assist with any issue/requirement that we have."