What is “PaperCut”

PaperCut simply put, is a document management solution offered to a variety of Mayday customers giving a solution for cost cutting and document management.

It cleverly monitors the use of the multi functional device by reporting various amounts of data and can assist in preventing use of colour, single sided documents and force the jobs to print mono double sided.

Features include:

  • Accounting methods can be used to charge the user for prints by allocating “Allowances”.
  • Print Room – Gives the use of logging tickets for users in the office to send to the “Print Room” for requesting printing jobs, the “Print Room” supervisor can then accept or reject jobs, the system also provides the client a real time tracking of their print request.
  • Enabling the use of “Cloud” printing so users can print to a print que and be able to walk up to any device within the building and release a print job with various forms of authentication including, domain login, pin and card readers.
  • Mobile printing support from any Android or iOS device or even a guest laptop.
  • Reporting and monitoring of all print jobs for auditing or security purposes, enabling the system administrator to open any file which has been send via Papercut.
  • Along with these great functions PaperCut, ensures costs are cut whilst encouraging a more “Greener” working environment saving paper, energy and costs.

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