Working to Net Zero.

Our commitments towards reducing our carbon footprint.

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How we are helping the enviroment.

At Mayday, we are a dedicated team of sustainability enthusiasts, engineers, and visionaries working together to build a greener and more sustainable future. We understand the urgent need to address climate change and the importance of transitioning towards a low-carbon economy. That's why we've began steps to reduce our carbon footprint and supplying equipment to our customers with a focus on low carbon emissions.

Our Commitments:

Office Spaces

Working towards roof insulation to reduce the loss of thermal energy, helping to maintain comfortable working temperatures.

Increase the use of low power LED lighting from existing filament and fluorescent/halogen bulbs helping to reduce energy consumption, Lighting to be fitted with motion sensors and timers to reduce energy in areas not in use.

Ensuring electrical devices are modern and as energy efficient as possible whilst utalising timers and powered off outside working hours.

Installation of new air conditioning/heating units powered by electricity, reducing the need to heat office spaces using gas boilers/central heating systems during the winter.

Supporting staff to work from home to reduce fuel consumption on long distant commutes to work.

Company Vehicles

Regular servicing and maintenance of fuel vehicles for efficiency.

To operate a fleet of vehicles mainly of electric consumption.


To work with the local community and our customers with a carbon offset programme of tree planting.

Our Suppliers

Toshiba Tec

Toshiba Tec are proud of their Carbon Zero Scheme and the benefits it provides. Developed with the help of carbon offsetting experts, CO2balance, it allows us to calculate and offset the total footprint of a Toshiba device from parts procurement, manufacture and transportation, providing organisations like yours with a complete carbon neutral device upon delivery.



Ricoh are undertaking a range of initiatives in keeping with our sustainability message, which is Driving Sustainability for Our Future. The message conveys our determination to create new value to resolve social issues and help materialize a sustainable society through business.

The Ricoh Group pursues such sustainability through a Three Ps Balance-Prosperity (economic activities), People (society), and Planet (environment). We accordingly endeavor to resolve social issues through business, reinforce our operational underpinnings, and contribute to society, and will help to reach Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)* agreed to by the international community. *Sustainable development goals

This set of universal priorities and goals through 2030 under an accord with the United Nations comprises 17 goals and 169 targets.


We'd love to talk more on what we are currently doing to reduce our carbon footprint.

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