We love stationery, it’s why we sell it! So a list of some of the most interesting facts about those random pieces of equipment you use in your everyday working environment sounds like a great way to show you why!

Below is our top 5 interesting facts about stationery! Enjoy!

1. Pencils can write underwater.

It’s true! We tested just to prove the theory. No idea what the need for this would be but an interesting fact none the less.

2. Before erasers were invented, stale bread was used to rub out pencil marks 

Next time you are walking around Sainsbury’s and think to yourself “I made a mistake writing doughnuts on the shopping list” and you don’t have an eraser to hand, well pop over to the bakery section, grab yourself a loaf of hovis and away you go!

3. Yellow highlighters account for around 85% of all sales

As yellow is in the middle spectrum of visible light, yellow ink highlighters work really well for people with colour blindness and this is one of the biggest reasons for the high quantities of yellow highlighters ordered.

4. Pen lids cause an average of 100 deaths a year

How many times have you been told off by a teacher or employee for chewing on a pen-lid? Here’s why! To help people breathe, many pen manufacturers now put holes in the pen lids to help prevent choking.

5. Pens are 5,000 years old!

Ancient Egyptians used reed straws with ink made of soot or red ochre pigment mixed with beeswax or vegetable gum. Almost as impressive as the pyramids we’d say!

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Top 5 Interesting Facts About Stationery

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