Are you using your photocopier to it’s FULL potential?

So the little workhorse that sits in the corner of your room today has more potential than you may think, a lot of suppliers forget to mention some of the little handy features these machines have, from printing banners, to sending faxes to an email addresses. Today, we are here to give you 5 great features you never knew your photocopier had!

Banner Printing

Did you know it is possible to print pages larger than A3 on your photocopier? Many manufacturers these day’s supply a feature called “Banner Printing” Taking a very long landscaped image (Similar to the one below) and being able to print this via the machines bypass tray.

Image result for ricoh banner printing

Fax Forwarding

With the modern office moving away from older technologies such as fax and moving towards a more digital path many companies still receive documentation via a fax machine or option placed on their photocopier, with many devices there is a feature where you can divert the fax from being printed to be sent as a JPEG/PDF to a specified to a network folder or email address within the company. Helping reduce waste and energy.


What if we told you that your photocopier can print letter-headed paper for you? Save money on having headed paper printed by a third party printers by doing them yourself, with features such as “Watermarks” you can use them for more than just overlaying text like “Copyright” or “Confidential” and instead add your own overlay images to the pages.

Custom Home Screens (One touch short cuts) 

Many modern printers use “Smart” panels these days looking very similar to your Android or Apple devices, giving more functionality by moving the “Apps” around the screen, adding custom wallpapers etc but these panels also have the ability to create jobs and save them as shortcuts on the home screen. If for example you had to photocopy a booklet which had stapling features, page numbers etc it can be frustrating having to remember those settings next time round. Many devices these days have the ability to programme those settings as a pre-set and add it to the home screen of the photocopier. Helping reduce time, frustration, notepads the lot!

Print and Copy Tracking

¬†Last of our handy features is probably one of the best! Did you know you can lock your photocopier down with a pin code so you can monitor the volume of jobs being photocopied or printed on the device? As a standard feature many machines have the ability to set restrictions to help manage or charge users for the printing they do, this can be a very handy feature to help bring down those costs. However we should mention that although this feature is free, it’s limited on it’s functionality in most cases, generally it would be recommended to use “Print Management Software” Such as “Papercut” which gives a vast amount of flexibility from using swipe cards and bio-metric scanners to log into the machines to detailed reporting or adding filters and restrictions to force double sided documents, duplicates, archiving, word filtering.

– To learn more about Papercut click here.

That’s it!

– We hope you enjoyed this little insight, there are so many more amazing features today’s printers and photocopiers can do, if you’d like to learn more tips, tricks or helpful features drop us a message or call: 01603 481995

Are you using your photocopier to it’s FULL potential?

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