Ricoh MPC2004

Product Description

With our 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel – which has an impressive touch and swipe interface – every command is intuitive and saves you time. This is combined with banner printing capabilities for high-quality output offering 20 pages per minute and a new Intel processor to help you smooth your productivity and speed up jobs. The finishing options of a booklet finisher, automatic document reverse feeder (ADRF) and a single pass document feeder (SPDF) come as standard, so you’ve got more capacity to do much more in-house. And thanks to energy-saving Human Detection Sensors, your spend is less and your environmental impact reduced.

  • Single Pass Document Feeder makes you even more efficient
  • 10.1 inch Smart Operation Panel helps increase productivity and improves workflow with its Intuitive User Interface
  • A Human Detection Sensor enables the MFP to jump into action as you approach so there’s no time spent waiting for device warm-up
  • Faster with improved Intel processor enabling you to simply do more
  • Several finisher options so there’s less need to outsource and you can have more in-house control of your collateral

Note: Office Viewer installed on the PJ WXC1110 is an application that is compatible with Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office files. However, depending on the document, unexpected issues may occur during projection, such as missing characters or format changes. In such cases, you can use the “”JPEG Conversion Tool: Type A”” for projecting images. For the tool, please consult your local Ricoh supplier.

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Ricoh MPC2004


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